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Haus Arlenhof offers rooms and breakfast buffet in St. Anton at the Arlberg Stanzer valley
"Permanns", "Riepls" The old hall house is completely masoned and is one of the most interesting houses of the village. With the commanding situation on the ridge above the Schöngraben creek and high above the slope to the Rosanna, the old name of the house "Rafalthof" was changed to "Arlenhof". The basement walls of the house are about 2.2 m (7 ft.) thick. They are not solid walls but double-walled constructions, a technique used in the Late Antiquity. However, it is not proved that the 12-by-12 meter living area of the Rafalthof is of antique origin. Oral tradition has it that this house belonged to the Arlberg castle and that the tunnel from the castle to the Maurig chapel went on to the Rafalthof. The English translation of the Romanic Rafalt (=riva alta) means "high lynchet" or "above the lynchet" (German "Rain") which could indicate a connection to the Überrainer ("above lynchet") family.

It's the author's opinion that the Überrainer family stayed more likely here in Rafalt than on a remote farm or on the cramped castle Arlberg. The Überrainer family seemed to have been replaced by the Zangerle family who moved here from the Paznaun. One of them was Moili (=Bartholomäus (Bartholomew)) Zangerle who grew up in Stockach near Langesthei around 1480.

Since the Middle Ages, the hall house has been used as a guesthouse from time to time. The much-quoted patrician of Basel, Leinhard Thurneysser, stated in his book "Pison" that he stayed at the guesthouse "Zum Zangerle" around 1580.

In 1656 the old farm no. 47 was the property of Michael Zangerle (died 1661). Part of the house was the household of "the backward creek side" in the Steißbach valley that used to belong to the family of Schriofenstein. Since Michael Zangerle had only daughters, Rupert Permann (1639 - 1711), his sister's son, inherited the Rafalthof. Rupert was a farmer, carrier, landlord and merchant, he was also called "negotiator" (wholesaler). Afterwards, only a few family names appear for the house: In 1790, one half of the house went from the Permann family to the family that still lives in it today. The 200-year absence of the Tschol family would have entitled them to call the farm an entailed estate. The other half of the house was inhabited by the Falch, Koch and - since the turn of the century - the Tschol family. The popular names "Permann" and "Riepl" - the latter short for Rupert - refer to the entrepreneur Rupert (also "Rupprecht") Permann. Today, the owner is Alexander Tschol.
Historic picture of the Arlenhof

Historic picture of the Arlenhof
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